Monthly wine tasting


Every month we hold a different wine tasting event. Please look at out UPCOMING EVENTS in the main menu.

We also offer ;

VERTICAL TASTING is the same wine, same producer but different years. 

HORIZONTAL TASTING is different wines from one region, produced in the same year. 

SINGLE VARIETAL is the same grape grown in different regions & countries & dates


BLIND TASTING is a variety of different wines and you have to guess the type of wine, region and country.

Please check out our UPCOMING  EVENTS in the main menu for full details about the next wine tasting we are holding. 

upcoming events

Saturday 4th December

British Beer & Pork Pie Night

We are offering a selection of 10 classic British beers and some beautiful home made pork pies. For any British ex pats who miss these hard to find beers, you will be delighted by the sweet taste of nostalgia. 
$75 per person
19:00 start time

Friday 31st December

Champagne Flight Night

Champagne is arguably the most perfect drink for a celebration, come and celebrate the end of another rough year and offer a toast to what we hope is a much better year for everybody around the world. We will be pouring a selection of the greatest champagnes on the market. This will be a champagne lovers dream night.

Food included

$199 per person